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Foot Pain

The feet contain a high concentration of nerve endings, around 200,000 per sole. This allows the feet to be extremely sensitive to external stimuli, yet also leaves them susceptible to nerve pain. Foot pain is a common problem, with the underlying reasons ranging from problems in the bone, soft tissue or skin to the onset of medical conditions such as gout or arthritis as well as trauma, certain foot syndromes and other problems. Lower back problems often produce referred nerve pain and altered sensation that can affect the legs and feet. Likewise, individuals with diabetes can develop peripheral neuropathy that is accompanied by pain, burning, tingling and numbness in the lower extremities.

Pain is the body's natural method for alerting the brain to a problem. If you are experiencing a mysterious pain in the feet—whether sharp, throbbing, or dull—contact our office as soon as possible for diagnosis and treatment. In cases of foot pain, timely treatment is important to prevent a continued downturn in foot health and function.

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