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Metatarsalgia refers to a condition affecting the balls of the feet, causing pain and inflammation. It is commonly brought on by repetitive strain involving frequent running or jumping, yet can also be chalked up to ill-fitting footwear, being overweight, arthritis, gout, hammertoes, calluses and other foot deformities. While metatarsalgia can be debilitating, when left untreated the pain can worsen and even cause dysfunction and discomfort in other parts of the body such as the back or hip.

Our podiatrist will develop an individualized treatment plan by diagnosing the underlying cause of the metatarsalgia. Conservative treatment is the first step in care and involves the implementation of several simple measures such as rest, the application of ice, a change in footwear, the use of metatarsal pad and/or arch supports. Over-the-counter medication to help relieve pain and reduce any inflammation may also be recommended. If non-invasive approaches to care do not alleviate the problem, surgical treatment to address the associated conditions such as a foot deformity or bony prominence will be considered.

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